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Tough equipment under extreme conditions: South American Dakar Rally is branded with Liugong

tough equipment under extreme conditions: South American Dakar Rally is branded with Liugong

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from January 1 to 14, 2017, the 39th Dakar rally was held in South America, where racing drivers from all over the world gathered here to participate in this very adventurous, difficult and exciting event feast

the 39th Dakar rally was held in South America

this event can be called "the most difficult race in the history of South America rally". The whole process is divided into 12 stages, with a total route of more than 9000 kilometers, covering roads, tracks, deserts and high-altitude areas. The race starts from Asuncion, Paraguay, passes through Bolivia, and ends in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. One of the highlights of this event is that Liugong, as the only brand in the construction machinery industry, sponsored the event, and the Dakar rally was branded with Liugong

as a standard for measuring the sensitivity of physical instruments, Liu Gong clearly proposed that the Dakar Rally, sponsored by the only brand in the construction machinery industry, is one of the most challenging extreme sports on the surface. Dakar rally has very high requirements for racing cars and drivers. Under the harsh and dangerous extreme race conditions, The team needs strong equipment and drivers to stand out from the crowd in this challenging feast. This coincides with the brand concept of "extreme working conditions, extreme equipment" advocated by Liugong. For this reason, Liugong and Dakar became friends for the first time. With the strong support of zmg, a local dealer in Argentina, Liugong brand joined hands with Toyota to inject Liugong's brand into Dakar Rally

wonderful moments of Dakar Rally

wonderful moments of Dakar Rally

Liugong is a well-known brand in the world's construction machinery industry. At present, it has been deeply cultivated in the South American market for many years, and has continuously provided various quality and reliable construction machinery products and services for customers in South America, which has been recognized by more and more customers. From the vast pampas prairie to the high latitude Andes region, from the southernmost tip of the cold world to the humid and muggy Amazon region, Liugong's equipment and service team can be seen everywhere in various regions and working conditions, Highlight Liugong's "extreme working conditions, strong equipment "As one of the second key local markets of Liugong, Argentina has achieved steady development in the local business after 10 years of frank cooperation with the local dealer zmg. At present, Liugong ranks second in the local market share after Carter, and is the best locally developed manufacturer among all Chinese brands.

wonderful moments of Dakar rally

the essence of Dakar rally has not achieved mass production Xia has formed a partnership with downstream manufacturer Huaxing optoelectronics. Through this competition, it is believed that more and more people will recognize the brand of Liugong and that Liugong will win the "Dakar Rally" in the construction machinery and equipment industry one day in the future

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