Powerful form grinding of the hottest cycloid gear

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Strong form grinding of cycloid gear

in the hydraulic parts industry and reducer manufacturing industry, a large number of cycloid rotor pumps, cycloid hydraulic motors, cycloid pin gear reducers and other mechanical devices are manufactured. The engagement pair of cycloid needle wheel is the core component of cycloid full hydraulic steering gear and cycloid hydraulic motor. Because of its small size, large torque, high power per unit weight and other significant advantages, it is widely used in self-propelled engineering vehicles, such as agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, forklifts and other fields. Cycloid pinwheel reducer is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, light industry and food, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical and other industries

cycloid gear is the key part of cycloid pin gear meshing pair, with high processing accuracy requirements and complex processing technology, which has been a major problem restricting the hydraulic parts industry and reducer manufacturing industry for a long time

strong form grinding is a good way to process the profile surface of cycloid gear.

cycloid gear is the key part of cycloid gear reducer and hydraulic motor, and its machining accuracy directly affects the performance of the whole machine. For a long time, due to the lack of CNC powerful forming grinder equipment in China, the processing of cycloid tooth profile surface is mostly realized by gear shaper, slow wire cutting and milling cutter. Due to the complex shape of cycloid tooth profile and great difficulty in processing and manufacturing, the above processing methods can not meet the requirements of mass production because of low efficiency, low precision and poor tooth surface roughness, which directly affects the performance of reducer, hydraulic motor and pump

with the rapid development of mechanical processing industry, high-speed, heavy cutting and high-precision processing technology has gradually replaced conventional processing methods. The surface finish machining of cycloid gear teeth with special profile requirements is widely used abroad. D) some lines of oil pump are also exposed, and NC forming grinding technology is adopted. This grinding method has obvious advantages compared with generating cycloid gear grinding. The machining method is to use the CNC powerful forming grinder and the shaping wheel dressing technology to trim the surface shape of the cycloid gear single tooth profile, and then use the rotary indexing mechanism to carry out the powerful creep feed shaping grinding on the cycloid gear workpiece to achieve the direct shaping of the tooth profile. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision and good surface roughness, because the use of numerical control can realize the management mode of one person and many machines, meet the needs of mass production, and improve the product performance

the figure on the left is mkl71328 cycloid CNC powerful forming grinder specially developed by Hangzhou machine tool group for cycloid grinding. The main structure of the machine tool adopts the column middle waist mobile structure with independent intellectual property rights of the company. One of the biggest advantages of this structure is that the position of the spindle during grinding is the same as that of the transverse guide rail, which can ensure the grinding dynamic rigidity that must be possessed during strong grinding, and the center of gravity of the whole moving part (i.e. the column and grinding head) is near the plane formed by the transverse guide rail, so as to ensure the movement and feed stability of the machine tool. Install the grinding wheel dresser or diamond pen holder on the right side of the workbench, and install the fixture and workpiece on the left side of the workbench. A high-pressure cooling grinding wheel washing device is installed on the grinding head. The power of the grinding head of the machine tool is 17 or 30kW, which meets the requirements of strong grinding. The machine tool is controlled by Siemens 802d/840d numerical control system, which controls the feed movement of longitudinal axis, vertical axis and transverse axis, a axis and the servo spindle motor of grinding head

the machine tool adopts imported diamond rollers and is equipped with a high rigidity roller dresser, which makes the dressing of the profile of sand gear teeth efficient and accurate, and has a reliable guarantee for the improvement of the meshing degree of the gear surface and the grinding efficiency. The summary between them needs to be generated from the text of the page. At the same time, the machine tool is equipped with an automatic balance grinding wheel device, which can effectively remove the wheel imbalance caused by the grinding wheel itself and after trimming, and ensure its surface quality while improving the grinding accuracy. It can also realize the automatic compensation of the dressing amount of the grinding wheel, maintain the consistency of the machining size of the workpiece, and improve the machining accuracy and interchangeability

both the grinding head spindle and the roller spindle adopt the low-pressure oil mist sealing device with independent intellectual property rights to prevent high-pressure coolant from entering the spindle system, effectively ensuring the spindle accuracy and long bearing life. The grinding head body adopts a thermal balance device to control the thermal elongation of the spindle, ensuring the accuracy of transverse grinding. The machine tool has a high degree of automation and reliability. In the grinding process, except for the loading and unloading and measurement of workpieces, it is automatically completed during the grinding process, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of operators

over the past few years, this kind of machine tool has been provided to the domestic hydraulic parts industry and reducer manufacturing industry in batches, with good results, so it is welcomed by these industries

cycloid wheel shaping and dressing device and special clamping device

the grinding wheel is shaped and trimmed according to the cycloid tooth profile. This carbon fiber composite chassis of the grinding wheel will be suitable for Corvette C7 full series vehicle models. The dressing method adopts table type diamond wheel dressing. Through the linkage of the vertical feed shaft and the servo spindle, the grinding wheel dressing compensation and the constant linear speed of the grinding wheel are realized. Installation mode of grinding wheel: single piece grinding wheel installation - rough and fine grinding

workpiece positioning mode: mandrel positioning, CNC indexing disc (a-axis) indexing positioning

workpiece clamping method: one piece superposition clamping, hydraulic or pneumatic jacking

the whole cycloid gear has 6 teeth in total and is processed in 2 times. Processing is divided into slow feed rough grinding and rapid reciprocating fine grinding. The grinding wheel shall be trimmed before reciprocating fine grinding. After grinding, the roughness reaches Ra0.8 M

estimation of processing beat: (the specific processing technology is adjusted according to the actual situation)

take the cycloid wheel as an example: process 5 pieces at a time (the unilateral allowance of the blank is about 0.2mm)

for a long time, the processing of this inner contour is also a difficult problem. Foreign companies such as bloom and ELB use a special inner grinding device on the forming grinder to form grind the inner contour. This special internal grinding forming device installs the grinding head device, power transmission and coolant supply device in the inner contour of the processed workpiece, that is, the special grinding head is extended into the workpiece for forming grinding

with this grinding method, the machining of the inner contour of the stator ring has the advantages of high precision, high contour and high metal grinding rate. As shown in the above figure, ELB's machine tool adopts artificial concrete bed, and the x-axis and z-axis are hydrostatic guide rails. The position of the new energy industry is constantly improving on the machine tool workbench. It has two internal grinding arms and is designed to use CBN grinding wheels. The horizontal carriage is equipped with a specially designed indexing head frame, the high-resolution hollow shaft rotary encoder is directly installed on the workpiece shaft, and a hydraulic clamping diaphragm is used for tilt positioning. A retractable radial profile mandrel ensures the alignment of the workpiece subsequently clamped axially into a stack with a hydraulic cylinder. A roller dressing accessory allows the ceramic CBN grinding wheel to be used for rough grinding on the first grinding arm, and the fine grinding operation is completed by electroplated CBN grinding wheel installed on the second grinding arm. The grinding process is cooled with high-pressure temperature control oil, which is cleaned in an ultra precision filter. The processing time of a stack of 8 blade rotor rings with a thickness of 100mm and a margin of 0.25mm is about 10 minutes

at present, this kind of machine tool required by the domestic hydraulic parts industry depends on imports. For example, Jiangsu Zhenjiang hydraulic parts factory once imported the machine tool of German bloom company

with the maturity of form grinding technology, if domestic users have needs, we can specially develop it to realize the form grinding of the inner contour of the workpiece. We will deeply study the grinding process and try our best to provide users with efficient forming grinding machines

source: Yashi China Machinery

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