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10000 yuan monthly salary digging race watermelon income spike ordinary white-collar workers

by Lin'an a bayberry pressure experimental machine some related terminology explanation automatic control: the computer controls the whole experimental process. At the invitation of the club, yesterday afternoon, Zhao Hongwei, a large bayberry grower in Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an, came to Lin'an this cooperative to guide the pruning and grafting of Bayberry trees

although he is a genuine farmer, as a senior person who has planted bayberry for 14 years, Zhao Hongwei has long been famous in the bayberry industry. In addition to taking care of his orchard, Zhao Hongwei is often invited to travel around the surrounding orchards to guide the country, and the daily appearance fee can reach 300 or 500 yuan

skilled in planting melons, insect control, pruning and grafting. In recent years, with the soaring price of agricultural products, technical farmers such as Zhao Hongwei are particularly popular. Some large orchards and vegetable gardens even spend more than 100000 yuan a year. The foundry of experimental machine manufacturers uses the foundry method to produce plastic deformation of metal materials, and seeks foreign aid. The income of gold collars in these fields exceeds that of ordinary white collars

the appearance fee starts at 300 yuan a day

experts in fruit planting rush to the market to make money

Zhao Hongwei runs a bayberry garden of about 30 mu in Qiandaohu town. The area is not large, but the annual output can reach about 15000 kg. Moreover, because the grown red bayberry has a good sense of mouth and considerable benefits every year, it is the star of local red bayberry planting. Surrounding red bayberry growers often invite Zhao Hongwei as a technical consultant

Zhao Hongwei said that the nearby growers came to inquire about the technical problems of planting. Generally, they came out in friendship without charge. However, if you run far away, the other party will often pay an appearance fee. Generally, it is calculated according to the number of days, ranging from three to five hundred yuan

in fact, there are many fruit farmers like Zhao Hongwei who often walk in the fruit planting field in Zhejiang. Yu Gaoming of Jinhua Pujiang kangse grape professional cooperative is one of the earliest fruit farmers engaged in grape planting in Pujiang. Because of more than 20 years of grape planting experience, he is famous in the grape industry, and the appearance fee is also higher

Yu Gaoming said that if the orchard is within 50 mu, the daily salary paid by the other party is generally about 500 yuan, in addition to picking up and seeing off, as well as food and accommodation. However, if the orchard area exceeds 50 mu, the charge will be increased accordingly

15000 yuan monthly salary digging race watermelon

melon planting expert with an annual salary of more than white-collar

50 year old Wang Huiyun is a watermelon planting expert in Pucheng County, Weinan, Shaanxi Province. This year, she was recruited to Zhejiang by a watermelon cooperative in Quzhou with a high salary of 15000 yuan/month to cultivate a new watermelon variety called honey milk God melon in the cooperative

Mr. Weng, the head of Quzhou Linshi watermelon professional cooperative, said that as a new watermelon variety in the market, it has been cultivated through 48 procedures, and special nutrient solutions made of honey, milk and so on are used in the cultivation process. Each melon can sell at a high price of 188 to 228 yuan in the market. Previously, only a few experts in Shaanxi such as Wang Huiyun knew this cultivation technique

however, Mr. Weng is worried that once the planting scale of products is expanded, they will still face the problem of lack of professional technicians

monthly salary 15000 yuan! It seems to have surpassed many urban white-collar workers, and there is no need to worry about the high living expenses in the city

in fact, in recent years, the salary of field technicians has been rising year after year. Wang, head of Chunan fruit station, said that the opening of new orchards or the development of new varieties all depend on such technicians. Education is not necessarily high, the most important thing is practical experience

stationmaster Wang said that he has at least 34 years of field practice experience, knows how to prevent and fertilize fruit trees, especially when he finds seedlings in the early stage of the disease, can judge what disease it is, know how to prune and graft, control the quality and yield of fruits, and those who can get a high salary must at least meet these conditions

if you know the development of new fruits, you can be called an expert, and your value is even higher. The head of a watermelon cooperative said that the annual salary of skilled workers with development technology can often reach more than 120000 yuan

technicians who can grow vegetables are also popular

it is more and more common for farmers' technicians to get high salaries

compared with the cultivation of new varieties of fruits that need to master core technology, growing vegetables seems to have little technical content, but now in the brand vegetable base of enterprise operation, technicians are also a high paid position

we now need two technicians in a vegetable base, mainly engaged in vegetable seed selection and field management. Zhang Guoliang, the head of Hangzhou Wuwei biology, who does the household distribution business of fresh vegetables, said that in addition to seeking technical support after the completion of the experiment with the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and investing money to do research and development work, the technicians who daily do field management are also college graduates majoring in agriculture, with an annual salary of about 100000 yuan. The work of seed selection alone reflects their skills, such as green vegetables, It is necessary to select the most suitable varieties according to seasonal changes and market demand

now the refined vegetables that need to be delivered into the family are different from the extensive method of growing vegetables in the past. Zhang Guoliang said that this is also the reason why vegetable bases need to hire technicians with high salaries. In addition to the needs of technicians, the equipment investment of the base also increasingly needs financial support. For example, in the past, semi-solid forming in vegetable fields provided a new idea for the utilization of aluminum alloy, and insect farmers can spray directly. Now they are replaced by physical insect removal equipment of solar energy, as well as fine activities such as hanging mosquito nets on vegetable fields, which need to be standardized management, and the increasing expenditure on labor, equipment and R & D funds corresponds to the market value of high-quality agricultural products

the staff of the science and Education Department of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture said that they have many years of cultivation and planting experience, understand the growth habits of fruits and vegetables, and are called farmers' technologists in the industry. It is becoming more and more common for farmers to earn high salaries for scientists and technicians

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