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Every layer of moon cake packaging should be healthy

market research. The peak key should be bought every year to confirm the function of moon cakes, and moon cakes should be sent every year. The choice of moon cakes is no longer a new topic. Today, we won't talk about the nutrition and taste of moon cakes in detail, but ask the experts of the electronic rupture strength testing machine of packaging materials to talk about the moon cake packaging materials that are easy to be ignored by people. The moon cake market is highly competitive. On the premise of little difference in the taste of moon cakes, manufacturers have focused on how to develop novel and unique moon cake packaging. At present, the general trend of moon cake packaging is more and more exquisite, with more and more packaging levels. From the perspective of packaging materials, the traditional iron box and carton packaging in the outer layer are still the pillar forces in the moon cake packaging market. We can also see more high-end products such as hardcover cartons, cloth wooden boxes, bamboo boxes, rosewood solid wooden boxes, etc; Boxed moon cakes generally have plastic inner brackets, wooden lattices, flannelette, silk, etc. in the middle layer; The "close fitting" packaging of moon cakes is mainly paper or plastic film. Consumption guidance moon cakes are cakes refined with flour, oil, sugar, nuts and other ingredients and baked. In the presence of oxygen and a certain amount of water, moon cakes can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. In addition, the oil content of moon cakes is rich, and the oil is easy to oxidize after being exposed to external oxygen, giving off a "Hara flavor". To ensure the quality of moon cakes, the packaging must be protected from water vapor, oxygen and microorganisms. If there is no sealing protection in the storage, transportation, sales and other links, the moon cake will be contaminated by microorganisms, or the packaging has poor barrier performance to water vapor and oxygen, which will lead to mildew and deterioration. In addition, if the materials used in the moon cake packaging itself do not meet the requirements of food packaging, it will also cause other health hazards to the human body. Don't be paralyzed by the exquisite outer packaging. It is the current trend that the outer packaging of moon cakes is becoming more and more exquisite. However, under the exquisite appearance, there may be unexpected health risks, such as the printing ink used for food packaging contains benzene substances in violation of regulations, and the formaldehyde in wooden box packaging exceeds the standard. Analyze it separately below. 1. The iron box packaging has a strong protective effect on the moon cakes because the iron box packaging has a strong sealing property and oxygen and water vapor are not easy to invade, while the carton has little protective effect on the moon cakes. The protection of the products mainly depends on the inner packaging inside. Therefore, for the moon cakes produced in the same batch, the storage shelf life in the iron box is much longer than that in the carton, and the iron box also has the function of re sealing, which can be re sealed after opening, So if you buy moon cakes packaged in iron boxes, you can keep them for a longer time. However, it should also be noted that if the iron box is extruded and deformed during transportation, its tightness will be greatly reduced, and it will lose its protective effect on food, and only become a container for food like a carton. 2. Carton packaging when choosing carton packaging, it should be noted that the moon cakes inside must have independent inner packaging, which is generally sealed in plastic bags. Paper products have great advantages in printing, and can print various colorful patterns. However, some printing inks contain benzene substances, mainly toluene, xylene, etc. benzene substances are mainly inhaled in the form of steam, and their liquids can also be absorbed and ingested through the skin. They are mainly irritating to eyes, respiratory tract and skin, so you should smell them when choosing. If there is a strong pungent smell, don't buy them. If you receive such a gift, try not to touch it as much as possible, and take out the moon cakes and place them separately. 3. Moon cakes packed in wooden boxes should be carefully selected. This kind of products use high-density fiberboard as the packaging box. The adhesive used for density fiberboard is basically urea formaldehyde resin, which contains a large amount of free formaldehyde, and the smell is very pungent. Formaldehyde has been identified by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen and teratogenic substance. After formaldehyde is released into the air, it enters the human body through breathing and contact, causing toxicity. Some media once reported that someone bought a box of beautifully packaged moon cakes in Guangzhou. After eating them, the whole family suffered from vomiting, cough and other symptoms. Later, it was found that the wooden material of the box exceeded the standard of formaldehyde. Because of its beautiful appearance, wooden boxes are often used as containers for other foods. Long term exposure to low levels of formaldehyde can cause respiratory diseases, eye diseases, cancer and other diseases, which are very harmful to human body. Inner packaging also has hidden dangers. The so-called inner packaging refers to the layer of packaging close to the moon cake, which is generally plastic and paper. We should pay attention to the shelf life of moon cakes made of different materials, and we should also be vigilant against criminals using toxic products to make the inner packaging of moon cakes. 1. In order to better protect moon cakes, people have developed various composite films. Materials with excellent barrier performance are used in the middle layer, such as EVOH. EVOH has good barrier to gas and high transparency, which is suitable for displaying food. Another kind of high barrier diaphragm is PVDC coating film. PVDC coating film refers to the film made by coating high barrier PVDC latex on some general plastic films and nylon. The oxygen transmission of this film is only about 1/3 of that of ordinary plastic film. Not only that, it can also prevent oil penetration and aroma escape. The use of the above new packaging materials is much better than the commonly used polyethylene or polypropylene materials in terms of the barrier between oxygen and water vapor, especially in high temperature and high humidity environments. 2. Paper inner packaging at present, Soviet style moon cakes are generally packaged in paper at retail. Soviet style moon cakes have low moisture content, are relatively dry, and microorganisms are not easy to grow, so they can be packaged with paper. The paper for packaging moon cakes shall be food packaging paper that meets the national hygiene standards. When buying, you need to observe whether the paper is clean and whether there are small mildew spots. If there are, it means that the storage conditions of the paper are not good enough and the paper is polluted by microorganisms. Pay special attention to avoid buying moon cakes wrapped in extra white paper, because it may contain fluorescent brighteners, which may have carcinogenic effects. The state stipulates that they should not be used in the production of food packaging paper. Try not to put the paper wrapped moon cakes in the refrigerator repeatedly, because the water vapor can penetrate into the paper packaging, making the moon cakes damp, affecting the taste and possibly moldy. 3. Be alert to toxic plastic packaging. According to the regulations, the plastic in contact with moon cakes should use food packaging grade plastic products. But at present, the market is full of plastic products made of toxic recycled plastics. Manufacturers purchase a large number of used waste plastics, which are re blown after washing, crushing and other procedures. However, because there are too many impurities, manufacturers usually turn these plastics into colorful plastic products. Moon cake is a kind of high fat product, which will precipitate various additives in these plastic products under high temperature conditions, and some additives are toxic and harmful. Therefore, we should pay attention to when buying: generally, non-toxic plastic products are milky white, translucent, or colorless and transparent, and have a sense of lubrication when touching, while toxic plastic products have muddy or pitted colors, and feel sticky. Tips: excessive packaging has begun to be restricted. In 2005, Shanghai issued the Interim Measures of Shanghai for moderate packaging of moon cakes, Article 4 of which stipulates that the packaging materials of moon cakes should meet the relevant national standards, meet the requirements of safety, health, environmental protection and recycling, and ensure the safety and health of citizens. There is no need to use wood as packaging material, let alone valuable and expensive materials such as mahogany and crystal to make moon cake boxes. GB moon cake, a new mandatory national standard for moon cakes, has been implemented since June 1, 2006. It is clear that the packaging of moon cakes will take five years to reduce the crude steel production capacity by 100million ⑴ There are mandatory restrictions on 500 million tons and volume. In this way, there is no market for luxury packaging in the market. Interactive zone: can you make a "family medicine kit" with an iron moon cake box? A: if the medicine contained is still packaged completely, such as placed in a plastic bottle or in a blister, it can be contained in an iron box. Because the iron box has good sealing, it can protect the medicine. If there are only drugs in paper bags in bulk, rather than plastic bottles or blisters, it is not suitable to use iron boxes, because the composition of drugs is complex, and it may react with the coating on the metal inner wall, which will change the quality of drugs. Q: how long is the shelf life of paper wrapped bulk moon cakes? A: at the end of September and the beginning of October, the temperature in most parts of southern China is relatively high, and the maximum temperature will exceed 25 ℃. If it is simply packaged with paper, its validity period is generally short, and the shelf life of meat moon cakes with high protein content is only one to two days. Relatively dry moon cakes, such as Soviet style moon cakes, can be packaged with paper for a relatively long time. Q: when choosing moon cakes, is there a simple way to identify whether the packaging is healthy? A: Yes, these simple methods can be summarized as: first look, second smell, and third try. First, check whether the package is complete, whether the printing is rough, and whether there is a manufacturer, address, production date, etc. on the label. Second smell: pick up the outer packing box of the moon cake and smell it. If there is a pungent smell, it means that the harmful substances have not evaporated completely. If you buy it home, it may damage your health. Three tests: ordinary citizens do not have various instruments in the testing room, but some simple tests can also be carried out. For example, moon cakes packed in sealed bags can be squeezed to see whether there will be air leakage. If there is air leakage, it indicates that its sealing performance is not good, and the moon cakes may be polluted by external microorganisms. If possible, you can also wipe the surface of the composite film or printing paper with cotton stained with oil. If there are traces of erasure on the packaging surface, it indicates that the printing ink may fall off

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