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The luxury packaging of moon cakes has not been "cooled down"

recently, when visiting the moon cake market, it was found that different from previous years, this year's moon cake products are "really" many, and the tea, red wine and other things commonly sold with moon cakes in previous years are rarely seen, but the degree of luxury packaging has not decreased. Remove the "set meal" moon cake "slimming" bird's nest and moon cake "side by side" lying in a gilded exquisite wooden box; Famous watches, good wine and good tea dominate, while moon cakes have become supporting roles... In the past, these strange phenomena about moon cakes have been a little ignored. In July this year, the national development and Reform Commission and other four ministries and commissions issued an announcement, clearly indicating the government's position and attitude on the excessive packaging of moon cakes, stipulating that operators should reasonably package moon cakes, use non-toxic, harmless, degradable or recyclable materials, and reduce the excessive use of packaging materials. If the market price of tied items in moon cake packaging significantly exceeds the price of moon cakes, The special name should not be marked as moon cake when it comes to design difficulty. In October this year, the national standard screen of moon cake packaging shows torque, angular displacement, torque angular displacement curve, and the working state of the experimental machine, which will be implemented soon. The suspension of luxury moon cakes aroused a pool of "autumn water" of moon cakes. A few days ago, it was found in the market that the new regulations caused quite a shock in the moon cake market. In an underground supermarket of a shopping mall, I saw that many customers stopped in front of the moon cake booth lined up in a prominent place. Different from previous years, boxes of moon cakes were "real" much more than in previous years. Among the moon cakes of five or six brands, no box containing the usual famous cigarettes, wines, jewelry and other things was found, but more or less moon cakes were installed depending on the size of the box. A salesperson told that this year, "there are regulations" that no more things are allowed in the moon cake box. Accordingly, there are no attachments, and the price is much lower than in previous years. Among the dozens of moon cakes of a certain brand placed on the table, the highest priced box is 98 yuan, while most of them are priced at about 60 to 70 yuan. Next to it, several mooncakes from Shenzhen and other places have slightly higher prices, mostly around 200 yuan. However, it is said that compared with the usual four or five hundred yuan, it is obviously much lower, and there are no other items in the box. In several other shopping malls, this is mostly the case. The price of locally produced mooncakes is mostly less than 100 yuan, and those produced from other places are mostly 1 or 200 yuan. Only mooncakes are contained in the box. At present, many customers have begun to buy. Market reshuffle is not achieved overnight. The removal of luxurious "set meal" moon cakes naturally makes ordinary people secretly happy. However, it was learned in the interview that the control of excessive packaging of moon cakes was not achieved overnight. From the packaging of moon cakes, it is true that there are only moon cakes in the box, but the packaging of the moon cake gift box is still very exquisite. In some shopping malls, a famous moon cake with a price of 518 yuan was placed at the top of the booth center like "stars supporting the moon". It was quite eye-catching among many cheaper moon cakes. The gift box was large and gorgeous, with 9 moon cakes inside. In order to show one of them, the salesperson opened the brightest small carton on the outside, which was filled with vacuum packed plastic bags, and then looked inside. There was a small piece of moon cake that looked beautifully made in a hard plastic box. A moon cake was worth more than 50 yuan, which I'm afraid the vast majority of people couldn't bear. According to the salesperson, the filling of moon cakes is nothing more than duck egg yolk, coconut paste and other things. It seems that these mooncakes still have room for price reduction. The national standard for moon cake packaging came into force in October. By then, the peak selling season for moon cakes this year has passed, so the real impact of rapid trial and error correction is on the moon cake market next year. To be practical. 1. Compared with Brinell hardness test and Rockwell hardness test, it seems that it still depends on the joint efforts of functional departments, manufacturers and consumers to control the excessive packaging of moon cakes. The moon cake circle has lasted for many years, and it is not easy to change it completely

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