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Application status of recyclable degradable plastics in green packaging

first, circular economy needs degradable plastics

after the 1990s, the development of knowledge economy and circular economy has become two major trends in the international community. Circular economy is essentially an ecological economy, which requires that economic activities be organized into a process of repeated circulation and flow of "resources products renewable resources" according to the model of natural ecosystem, so that the whole system and the process of production and consumption basically produce no or only a small amount of waste, so as to fundamentally solve the long-term conflict between environment and development

degradable plastics have the unique advantages of plastic properties of repeated recycling and short-term degradation after discarding:

1. Just as well preserved ancient books and old newspapers before liberation can be seen in museums, degradable plastics also have stable performance under constant and appropriate conditions

2. Degradable plastics have general plastic properties that can be recycled and reused. Now there is a misunderstanding that degradable plastics can only be degraded and cannot be recycled. In fact, the manufacturers of degradable plastics are always recycling, at least all the leftovers produced by enterprises when producing degradable plastics are recycled

3. Objectively, due to management means, social and economic resources and other reasons, it is impossible to recycle 100%. Some, such as: easily polluting product packaging, garbage bags, agricultural film, diapers, sanitary napkins, etc., recycling and reuse may be too resource-consuming, inappropriate and uneconomical fields; Some products that can be recycled and reused as recycling disposal, such as snack boxes, vest bags, product packaging and other disposable products discarded after use, have scattered parts that affect the environment due to incomplete recycling. At this time, degradable plastic products can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water in the natural environment in a short time and absorbed by nature. Thus, the environment is comprehensively and completely protected and resources are saved

second, green packaging should run through the whole life cycle of products

green packaging refers to an environmental friendly packaging developed with natural plants and related minerals as raw materials, which is harmless to the ecological environment, human health, recyclable, reusable, degradable and sustainable

as a general term for environmentally friendly packaging design, materials and products, green packaging is being accepted by the majority of users. To develop green packaging and reduce the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste, we must start from the source of packaging design and material selection, use appropriate humanized design of packaging, adopt environmentally friendly materials and product processing methods, and formulate reasonable industry development guidelines. Only in this way can the environmental pollution of packaging waste be truly contained

in other words, green packaging products have no environmental pollution in the design of packaging, the selection of raw materials, the manufacturing and processing process of products, are safe and hygienic in the use process, and are harmless to the environment in the waste treatment, that is, the whole life cycle analysis and evaluation (LCA) of products must be adopted, and each link is indispensable, which should meet the requirements of ecological environment protection

Third, green and environmental friendly urbanization industrial processing

in the eyes of the packaging industry and the general public, green packaging is often one-sided understood as the degradability of packaging products. Packaging products made of environmentally degradable materials are mistakenly regarded as green packaging, regardless of whether the production of packaging products causes environmental pollution and resource waste, or the reuse of packaging products after use, Therefore, there is some incomplete understanding of green packaging

when paper, metal or plastic resin is made from raw materials, and then processed into paper packaging products, metal packaging containers, plastic packaging products and glass packaging products, it often not only consumes energy, but also produces pollution. Whether a package is environmentally friendly cannot be ignored in this process

only large petrochemical enterprises can manufacture plastic resin without burns. Not only does the plastic resin produce less three wastes in the synthesis process, but these modern enterprises have strict measures for environmental protection

in the production and processing of degradable plastics and related products, there are no three wastes except energy consumption. It occupies a small space and meets the processing conditions of green and environmental friendly urbanization industry

IV. normative current standards and certification system

laboratory is0846 (determination method of plastic microbial behavior), is014852 (determination method of maximum aerobic biodegradability of plastics in aqueous medium - Determination Method of CO2 production) Is014855 (the two highlights of measuring plastic materials in the controllable Bayer booth include: the method for measuring the aerobic biodegradability of the new generation of water-based adhesives in cars and shoes under composting conditions - the method for measuring the amount of CO2 produced); Many useful data have been obtained from the detection of carbon index changes and molecular weight changes before and after degradation in the laboratory, which has laid a solid foundation for the formulation of degradation test evaluation methods and the formulation of national standards for degradation products

the national industrial standard for degradable plastics was issued in 2000. The "China environmental label" certification system and China's "Green Star" product label certification system have included degradable plastics in the scope and formulated corresponding recognition standards. In this regard, degradable plastic products have entered a mature and standardized market development stage

v. treat degradable plastics with a scientific concept of development

degradable plastics have been widely used in the market. According to the survey, 76% of relevant data in Shanghai show that supermarkets are using or selling degradable plastic products, including disposable vest bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, gloves, fresh-keeping bags, cups, shoe covers, etc., indicating that the market has recognized degradable plastics, Degradable plastics can meet people's daily needs in practical use. We investigated some users of Degradable Plastics: famous stores such as Carrefour Shanghai supermarket, Shanghai Agricultural and industrial and commercial supermarket, Shanghai liangyoujinban chain, Shanghai 85818 convenience chain, etc. they have all used degradable plastic shopping bags for more than two years, and the use effect is the same as that of ordinary plastic shopping bags. These users are satisfied with the performance and price of degradable plastic shopping bags

the 16 character policy of order 84 of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government on "prevention of white pollution": "source control, partial prohibition, recycling and encouraging substitution", reflects the principle of comprehensive treatment

at present, we are more cautious about products that "encourage substitution", and the detection and identification of degradable plastics are more complex, and the regulatory cost may be relatively high, but compared with the cost of the environment, "encourage substitution" products are worth it

therefore, we should carry out management from the perspective of market norms: for those products that have passed product certification, they are required to indicate the certified enterprise or number for verification; Establish an enterprise integrity system to crack down on counterfeit products; Taxes and fees can be considered, but degradable materials and ordinary materials must be treated differently according to the existing national industry standards, and the amount of articles and packaging required by the environmental protection management of the project must be adjusted and limited at one time. For necessary disposable articles and packaging, the use of recyclable, reusable, degradable and sustainable degradable plastic materials that meet the specifications and standards should be strongly encouraged

Zhou Weiwen, Secretary General of the white pollution prevention special committee of Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association

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