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Moon cake packaging forces "slimming". Individual companies help "fatten"

in order to avoid packaging waste, the state issued the "mandatory national standard for moon cakes", and for a time, luxurious moon cake packaging seemed to disappear from the market. However, in the investigation, it was found that the standard did not prevent waste, because some printing companies can develop businesses and customize all kinds of high-end moon cake boxes for companies and enterprises

at first, the advertisement that can customize various moon cake boxes was on a 16 Kai color advertising paper. Out of curiosity, Mr. Chang, who got this advertising paper, sent the small advertisement to the newspaper. According to the contact information left in the advertisement, I dialed Mr. Liu, the sales manager, and agreed to see the sample of the moon cake box in a store of the company

on the morning of the 18th, I came to the store of the printing company. As soon as I entered the door, I saw all kinds of packaging boxes placed on the shelves. Perhaps because of the approaching Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake box was specially placed in an obvious position. At present, the most popular moon cake box on the market has two kinds of materials. One is medium density board, which feels more like wood, but the price is on the high side. The tension state should be adjusted at the tension wheel of the electronic universal experimental machine. The other is paperboard, which is relatively common, but the grade can be improved by printing patterns and colors. According to manager Liu, as soon as September came, their company's orders continued, and they could receive oneortwo orders for moon cake boxes every day

after long-term clinical verification, PMMA is an ideal intraocular lens material with stable material, light weight, good transparency, refractive index of 1.49, which is a hydrophobic material; In addition, it has better anti-aging and anti environmental change characteristics, better acid, alkali and organic solvent resistance characteristics and good biocompatibility. According to manager Liu, generally speaking, if there are no special requirements for printing, each medium density board moon cake box is about 18 yuan. If the printing is more complex, the price will certainly be relatively increased. In the process of bargaining with manager Liu, I happened to meet a company representative who came to order moon cake boxes. Miss Tian is the department head of an advertising company in this city. She wants to order 1500 moon cake boxes this time. Because of time constraints, she chose a moon cake box with a unit price of 21 yuan. Talking about the reasons for ordering moon cake boxes, Miss Tian was very frank. The purpose of customizing the moon cake box is to put the company name on it and send it to customers or related units to express their wishes. Miss Tian said that they had bought moon cakes and were waiting for the moon cake box to be delivered. In fact, the money of this customized box is more expensive than moon cakes, but who doesn't know, the things inside are not important, the most important thing is packaging

it was found in the interview that many printing companies or packaging companies can customize moon cake boxes. You can find 10 by inputting a few words of customized moon cake box on the Internet It has perfect limit protection function, overload, overcurrent protection, automatic shutdown of experimental fracture and other functions. There are thousands of messages, many of which are advertised by Tianjin company. The cost price of the moon cake gift box is about 1525 yuan, and the materials are medium density board, mahogany, cardboard, etc

on June 1 last year, the mandatory national standard for moon cakes issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standards Commission was officially implemented. The standard clearly stipulates that the packaging cost should not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes; The empty space of a single package shall not exceed 35% of the total volume of a single package; The average distance between the single package and the inner wall of the outer box and the single package shall not exceed 2.5cm. Rough calculation found that according to the price of 5 yuan per piece of bulk moon cakes on the market, the value of 6 pieces of moon cakes is about 30 yuan, and with the special packaging box, the price of a box of moon cakes will rise by more than 50%. If subscribers buy mooncakes wholesale from mooncake manufacturers, the price of mooncakes themselves will be nearly 20% cheaper, and the proportion of gift boxes containing mooncakes will be higher. The mandatory national standard for moon cakes limits packaging waste to a certain extent, but I didn't expect that moon cake manufacturers don't waste, and these packaging box production companies support waste

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