More than 200 high-end customers meet XCMG to win-

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More than 200 high-end customers meet XCMG to win the new normal

more than 200 high-end customers meet XCMG to win the new normal

China Construction machinery information

on December 19, more than 200 high-end customers of XCMG road machinery from Northwest and central China, as guests of the second phase of the activity, were invited to XCMG to go deep into the production workshop, product commissioning site and product exhibition area. Through on-site communication with technicians and technicians Meetings and discussions, listening to lectures from authoritative experts in the industry, getting familiar with XCMG's complete sets of construction and maintenance machinery products, exchanging technology and construction methods, enhancing mutual trust, and working together with XCMG to seek the road to success in the future

it is reported that this activity is the second held by XCMG Road Machinery Division since the launch of the "high-end customer XCMG" activity on November 19. The activity will last for two days. The number of customers who came to XCMG for visit and exchange reached a new high, setting off another upsurge. The activity of "XCMG high-end customers" is that the road machinery division of XCMG deeply practices the cultural concept of "customer first", further "focus on customers and connect with the market", so that more customers can enter XCMG, understand the high-tech products of XCMG's new generation complete sets of construction and maintenance machinery, serve and meet the personalized needs of users, and launch the docking and integration activity of high-end customers. From November 2014 to March 2015, the road machinery division of XCMG invited large leasing customers Influential benchmarking active customers to visit and exchange in Xuzhou. At the same time, they focused on the construction process and method, held special meetings on milling machines, cold recycling and mixing maintenance machinery and paver customers, focused on the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the development requirements of road construction and maintenance under the new situation of the new economic normal, and worked with customers to achieve win-win results

accompanied by the staff, high-end customers from northwest and central China successively visited the world's largest production base of construction and maintenance machinery covering three plant areas, and watched the operation demonstration of benchmark products. Through in-depth understanding of the product types and product lines of XCMG road machinery compared with traditional equipment, the customers appreciated XCMG's advanced process level, strong manufacturing capacity and product strength. During this period, XCMG road will specially invite famous economic experts to give a lecture entitled "analysis of China's macroeconomic situation" to analyze the macroeconomic situation and provide reference for customers' investment and development. At the construction technology and technology exchange meeting, the technicians carefully explained the application of XCMG maintenance machinery in the three construction fields of earthwork construction, new pavement construction and old pavement maintenance, and showed the customers the cutting-edge technology, construction application and functional application of construction management information system of XCMG maintenance machinery, so as to make users deeply feel XCMG's connection with the market and care for customers, A sense of mission to continuously promote the transformation of industrial products and construction processes. On December 20, at the Symposium on high-end customers, all members of XCMG road's leading group had in-depth exchanges with key customers, listened to customers' demands, and expressed XCMG's desire to do well in all links of R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service and develop together with users

in 2014, the construction machinery industry continued to operate at a low level. Under the market competition environment of "new normal", XCMG road machinery focuses on XCMG's international and world-class strategic objectives, adheres to the cultural concept of "customer first", carries out communication through the serial port (COM) behind the computer, deeply connects the market, closely adheres to the characteristics of the maintenance machinery industry, and innovates and establishes a new customer relationship management model. From the beginning of this year's "first and with this to obtain a 4-star certification, advanced, reliable, energy-saving and efficient" global glory launch of a new generation of products, to the national tour of "energy-saving pioneer of heavy equipment in a large country" and won the top ten marketing events in China's construction machinery industry in 2014, and then to "wholeheartedly" service - the "XCMG release" of the industry's first characteristic service brand and image, XCMG road machinery sincerely joins hands with customers, With a high spirited attitude, we will forge ahead towards the goal of being a global leader in road machinery

in the fourth quarter, with the reduction of construction work, the market is gradually entering winter. However, the enthusiasm and temperature brought by XCMG road machinery to customers have not decreased. XCMG road launched a series of "high-end customer XCMG" activities in the industry. Guests from all over the country were invited to XCMG to feel the special charm of being a heavy weapon of a big country. This year, in order to further "focus on customers and connect with the market", the activity of "going out, please come in" was implemented. The 18 national press conferences of the complete set of new products of the "pioneer of energy saving in a large country" caused a sensation in major central cities, making XCMG's complete set of green products "go out" and go deep into the market, so that customers can feel the unique charm of XCMG's energy-saving green products from zero distance. The "high-end customer XCMG" activity is to invite more large leasing customers and influential benchmark active customers to "come in" in different regions, enter XCMG, understand XCMG and XCMG products, and enhance mutual communication and emotion

the unchanging purpose is to serve as the global leader of global pavement machinery and a firm commitment to better serve and meet the personalized needs of "private customization" of global users under the new normal economic situation. Join hands with XCMG road machinery to win a better future


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