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The latest development and opportunity analysis of PET packaging

Pet (polyester) is a new synthetic material that has been widely developed since the late 1960s. It is prepared by esterification and polycondensation of terephthalic acid (PTA) and ethylene glycol (eg) (PTA method), or pet resin by Transesterification and polycondensation of terephthalate and ethylene glycol (DMT method). As a widely developed new synthetic material, pet has obvious advantages, mainly including the following points:

(1) superior mechanical properties and wear resistance

(2) good creep resistance and rigidity

(3) low water absorption, small linear expansion coefficient and high dimensional stability

(4) high thermal stability, low specific heat and thermal conductivity

(5) excellent electrical insulation performance

(6) excellent chemical resistance, etc

this determines that pet is also widely used, in which the largest amount is used for fiber manufacturing, followed by bottle making, and then for film and sheet manufacturing. In addition, it is also used for engineering purposes, such as automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, instrumentation, furniture and other industries

in the past two years, PET containers for milk packaging have made a new and younger breakthrough in the world. Pasteurized milk bottles in Italy began to change from HDPE to PET packaging, which solved the defects of polyolefin bottle packaging, such as peculiar smell and poor taste. The corresponding blow molding, filling and capping equipment is also solved by Sidel. In addition, edible oil, condiments, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. are the markets with increasing demand for PET bottles, providing a lot of space for pet development

pet, which is applied in the plastic packaging market, is more and more welcomed by the majority of users, and its development trend of replacing glass bottle packaging is also evolving step by step. Especially in China, a big country in the packaging industry, its position has been gradually stable and has begun to develop in depth. In particular, the PET beer bottle market is more attractive business opportunities. China is the largest beer country in the world. At present, glass bottle packaging is still the main method, while some breweries in the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries have adopted PET packaging. Calculated by using PET bottles for 20% of China's beer production, about 28billion to 30billion beer bottles are needed. At present, PET bottle processing technology is changing with each passing day in the world, and its main development direction is to improve the impermeability and heat resistance. As a result, surface coating technology, CO injection stretch blow molding technology and blending modification technology have emerged, and these technologies have been introduced in China. What deserves attention is the new technology of nano modified PET bottles. The composite of 10% - 30% clay nano and nylon into high barrier nano modified PET is the main direction of PET beer bottles. For example, I can also be used for similar uses - for example, as a sealant, China Henan Zhanggong group used nanotechnology to coat the inner wall of PET beer bottles to improve the anti UV, oxygen and carbon dioxide properties of PET bottles, and achieved good results

in addition, the field of pet used for packaging also includes pharmaceuticals, condiments, candy and many other points of daily life, which do not show its strategic particularity. For example, Rexam's first recycled PET drug packaging bottle, which will be sold in retail pharmacies nationwide in November, will reduce its impact on the environment as consumers increasingly seek green methods. Rexam became the first packaging company to develop and sell transparent elliptical packaging bottles made of 100% post consumer recycled PET resin. The PET packaging bottle can be provided in different models of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 ounces, which can be recycled repeatedly to further reduce resource consumption and environmental impact

Claude s condiment, which took the lead in packaging with PET plastic bottles, said that using polyester bottles instead of glass bottles can save 50% of the freight, and can greatly reduce broken/damaged goods, thus reducing the refund paid to retailers by 90%. And because the company adopted the standard size of 16 ounces to replace the previous 12 and 16 ounce bottle sizes, the production conversion time was reduced from 4 to 5 hours to less than 1 hour

fox confectionery recently selected a high transparency pet can from rpcblackburn to improve the packaging quality of its glaciermints and glacierfruits brands. The injection blow mold container combines the appearance of traditional candy containers with the advantages and fashion of PET containers. It is light, shatterproof, easy to handle and has a crystal luster, which also ensures that the product can show its best use characteristics. It is precisely because of its emergence that fox made the decision to change from PVC container to PET container. Trademark image is important, and the container of rpcblackburn can show its wide use in the best form, showing the advantages of the product

it can be seen that the ever-changing PET packaging technology is being concerned and applied in various fields. Today, with the shortage of energy and the general rise in the price of raw materials, environmental protection has become the top priority of the work. Now, PET packaging is developing vigorously with its unique advantages. It can be recycled repeatedly, which will further reduce resource consumption and environmental impact

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