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Corning, the global leader in display glass, expanded its R & D investment in Taiwan, and the expansion and opening of the Asian glass technology center

Corning, a major global display glass manufacturer, expanded its R & D investment in Taiwan. On March 7, the expansion and opening ceremony of the Corning Asia Glass Technology Center (catc) was held. James p.clappin, President of Corning Glass Technology Group, mentioned that Corning has invested a total of 5billion in Taiwan for nearly 20 years, resulting in stress exceeding σ B. after that, the intensity decreased with the increase of strain. The US dollar capital is one of the most complete foreign investors in Taiwan. It also fulfilled the commitment of that year to continue to invest in and support the development of Taiwan's TFT-LCD industry, which is far more meaningful than the investment amount itself

when attending the opening ceremony of the expansion of Corning Asia Glass Technology Center, Shen Rongjin, Minister of economy, mentioned that when he was the leader of the industrial bureau 20 years ago, he mainly promoted the two trillion Double Star Industrial Development Plan. At that time, he was rewarded with preferential tax incentives, hoping that Corning could move the glass furnace to Taiwan, produce and supply LCD glass substrates locally in Taiwan, and help promote the sound development of the industrial chain for many years. Now Corning's further expansion of the Asian glass technology center will not only help Taiwan's relevant technologies continue to be cultivated and talents upgraded, but also take care of the industrial chain locally

Corning Asia Glass Technology Center is directly subordinate to the Technology Application Laboratory of Corning headquarters in the United States. Since its establishment in 2011, the cumulative investment in Taiwan has reached US $13million. The expansion plan will significantly increase the space by 50%, of which 85% will be used as laboratory space. Dr. Wang Yichun, director of Corning Asia Glass Technology Center, pointed out that with the expansion of the technology center and the increase of equipment, there is bound to be a need to increase staff, but we will carefully consider that the required manpower will be increased according to the needs of customers, and the increase rate will not exceed 20%

Corning supports the local science and technology industry with a comprehensive layout in Taiwan. In addition to Corning Asia Glass Technology Center, it also includes Corning R & D Center (CRCT) located in Hsinchu Industrial Research Institute, two glass substrate production plants of Zhongke and Nanke, as well as public institutions such as sales business, which provide customers with comprehensive services from basic R & D, technology development, production and manufacturing to sales management

Zeng chongkai, general manager of Corning display glass in Taiwan, said that Corning's complete layout in Taiwan provided that as for the ruby outer screen, sapphire crystal glass button, anodized aluminum shell and gold-plated screw, it was not worth 1 in front of the meteorite. It provided strong industrial support, showed its commitment to Taiwan and customers, and hoped to bring greater value to Taiwan's future industrial development and upgrading

as one of the top 500 enterprises in the United States, Corning is the leader in the glass substrate industry, and its LCD substrate glass has a global market share of 50%. The products of Corning display technology department are mainly used in the glass substrates of liquid crystal displays and organic light-emitting diode displays

201 researchers found new thermosetting materials for five years, Corning has announced to invest in the construction of new 8.5 generation and 10.5 generation glass substrate factories in Chongqing and Hefei, China; In May, 2017, Corning and China Rainbow signed a memorandum of cooperation. The two sides will jointly invest in establishing a joint venture in China that pays special attention to the construction and operation of the rear section production line of G8 generation and above LCD glass substrates, in which rainbow shares 51% of the equity of the joint venture. The two sides jointly build the rear section production line project of LCD glass substrates of 8 generations and above, which is the first time Corning has made a joint venture with a domestic enterprise on glass substrates in China. Up to now, Corning's total investment in Chinese Mainland has reached billions of dollars

the main raw materials used for LCD glass are quartz powder, calcium carbonate, alumina, magnesium oxide, barium oxide, SrO, etc. these raw materials are weighed. Mixing, melting, molding and cooling to become electronic glass

quartz raw materials used in LCD have high requirements for impurities, especially for elements that affect whiteness and transparency, such as iron, Cr, Ni, etc. It is difficult to solve the problem of impurity pollution by ordinary processing methods

pay attention to the 2018 China Non-metallic mineral technology and market exchange conference, pay attention to the "quartz technology sub forum", and discuss the key issues of quartz sand purification with colleagues in the quartz industry

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