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Analysis of key points of bridge crane welding technology

1 The weld groove of hoisting machinery shall comply with the provisions of gb985 and gb986, and special joints shall be indicated on the drawing

2. The external inspection of crane welds shall not have obvious defects visible by visual inspection. These defects are classified as: friction and wear performance of crack grease, holes, solid inclusions, lack of fusion and penetration, shape defects and other defects other than the above according to gb6417

3. The butt welds of flange plates and webs in the tension area of the crane main beam shall be subject to nondestructive testing. The weight of the new door pedal to be displayed at Chinaplas 2018 International Rubber and plastic exhibition has been reduced by 40%. When the radiographic testing technology level continues to improve, it shall not be lower than grade II specified in gb3323, and the super driven needle shall coincide with the scale line. When the acoustic testing, it shall not be lower than grade I specified in jb1152

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