The hottest global demand for packaging machinery

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According to statistics, the global demand for packaging machinery is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5.3%, reaching US $29billion by 2005. The largest manufacturers of packaging equipment are the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and China. If there is a need to replace the gasket of packaging machinery in foreign countries, the market demand varies from region to region. The French packaging machinery market has been growing steadily at a rate of 4% to 5% since 1998. At present, it is the third largest packaging machinery market in Europe. The French market is characterized by an increasing demand for flexible, versatile and automated machinery. Most of the imported products of France come from the European Union, and products from the United States and Japan also account for a large proportion

European packaging machinery market. According to the market survey report of frost Sullivan in the United States, by 2007, the total market value of European packaging machinery is expected to increase from $4.6 billion in 2000 to $6.5 billion, with great market potential. Those industries that traditionally do not use packaging systems will become new customers in the packaging machinery market, thus becoming one of the factors that stimulate sales growth. The market capacity of Russian packaging machinery is US $billion per year because graphene is a good conductor, of which Russian manufacturers account for only 20% of the capacity, and these manufacturers mainly produce semi-automatic equipment, and they are not able to meet the overall needs of the Russian packaging industry at present. Germany, Italy and Sweden are major equipment importers. German packaging machinery is in a leading position in terms of design, manufacturing and technical performance. In 2002, the output value of German packaging machinery reached 3.4 billion euros, an increase of 10% over 2001

if divided by different packaging materials, in 2002, the German glass packaging industry increased by nearly 1.6%, wood by nearly 3.6%, paper and paperboard by nearly 11.9%, plastic by nearly 13.4%, metal by nearly 6.2%, of which aluminum packaging products increased by nearly 3.9%. 70% of European packaging machinery is produced in Germany, and 77% of its output is exported, accounting for 29% of the world's packaging machinery export market, ranking first in the world. China is an important exporter of German packaging machinery, especially food processing and packaging machinery. The main export markets of packaging machinery in Germany are the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia. Germany's packaging machinery ranks first in the world with 85% quota. The export trade of German packaging machinery has two characteristics: first, the absolute amount is large; Second, the relative proportion is high. German packaging machinery manufacturers are committed to high-tech research, high-quality production and reliable services. The advantage lies in being able to provide solutions to various production problems and perfect production lines, and maintain a cooperative relationship with professional companies without testing

the United States is a country with a long history of packaging machinery development in the world. It has already formed an independent and complete packaging machinery system, and its variety and output rank first in the world. For more than a decade, the United States has always maintained its position as the world's largest producer and consumer of packaging machinery. Its products are high, large, refined and sharp, and the carton sealing and packaging machine ranks second in the market share. Since the 1990s, the packaging machinery industry in the United States has maintained a good momentum of development, although the size of the samples used is small. Most of the packaging machinery manufacturers in the United States are affiliated to large packaging material factories, and their sales are also completely dependent on the parent company. China has become the sixth largest export market of American packaging machinery after Canada, Mexico, Japan, Britain and Germany. Japan's packaging machinery manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, there are more than 200 manufacturers, as well as more than 100 manufacturers of packaging materials and packaging machinery related equipment

there are nearly 500 varieties of packaging machinery, with more than 700 specifications. 148 packaging machinery manufacturers have joined the Japan Packaging Machinery Industry Association, and their products account for 70% of Japan's packaging machinery production. The sales volume of food packaging machinery accounts for 51% of the packaging industry. Packaging machinery is mainly small and medium-sized single machine, which has the advantages of small volume, high precision, easy installation, convenient operation and high degree of automation. Japan's main market for packaging machinery is its own country, with exports accounting for only 10% of the total output value. Asia is the main export market of Japanese packaging machinery

since the 1990s, Japan's exports to China have increased significantly year by year. Since 1995, China has become the largest exporter of Japanese packaging machinery. Italy is the world's fourth largest producer of packaging machinery and the second largest exporter of packaging machinery. Italian packaging machinery has the characteristics of excellent performance, elegant appearance and low price. The export proportion accounts for about 80%, and the United States is its largest export market. Since the 1990s, Italy's export of packaging machinery to China has increased rapidly. In 1995, China has jumped to the second place in Italy's export ranking. In recent years, Italy's packaging industry has developed rapidly, and its output value and export volume have increased year by year, ranking in the forefront of the world

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