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Global container carrier rescheduling

US shipper magazine recently reported that in the four consecutive years of substantial growth in the global container fleet capacity and the mutual mergers and acquisitions of ocean going carriers, the top 20 container liner companies in the global ranking were scheduled, and the fleet capacity changed significantly. As of July 1st, 2005, the total capacity of the global top 20 container carrier fleet reached 6.932 million TEUs, with a year-on-year growth rate of 15%

the proportion of the top 20 transportation capacity in the world's total transportation capacity has also increased from 78% a year ago to 80%, creating a record high

there is a wave of mergers and acquisitions in the shipping industry

at present, the trend of major ocean carriers ordering container ships is still quite strong, and the total volume of the world's top 20 will reach 10million te9 by 2009 according to the current development rate It has the function of returning to the initial position after the experiment. Such a huge increase in transport capacity is due to the fact that a large number of containers, especially super Panamax, super large and Big Mac container ships, have been ordered beyond the record. The orders for container ships received by shipyards around the world have reached saturation from now to the next few years, and the seats of the top 20 will continue to change profoundly in 2006

Maersk sea and land shipping, the largest container liner company in the world, is the first container liner company in the contemporary international shipping industry to exceed 1million TEUs. Although the scale has been the first in the world, it has never been satisfied. Maersk sea and land shipping of A.P. Moeller group purchased the world's third largest container carrier, tiexing slag China, with a capital of 2.8 billion US dollars in June 2005. Maersk's sea and land transportation capacity will increase by 67%, more than 15million TEUs, equivalent to twice the transportation capacity of its nearest competitor, mediterranean shipping, Or 18% of the total capacity of the world container fleet. It is estimated that among the top 20 ocean going carriers today, about 4 to 5 ocean going carriers have the ability and courage to annex other ocean going carriers

although the large-scale efforts of global container carriers to improve their transportation capacity have increased unabated, among the top 20, the container fleet capacity of only seven ocean carriers has increased by more than an average growth rate of 15%, while the shipping capacity of Yangming, Taiwan, China, China has actually declined by 14% in a year, Israel's star shipping has only increased by 5%, and South Korea's modern merchant shipping has only increased by 1%, EVA shipping in Taiwan, China fell by 1 percentage point, while the Canadian Pacific shipping capacity jointly operated by Britain and Canada remained unchanged

strong growth of Asian companies

the fleet capacity of ocean carriers in Asia accounts for 46% of the total of the top 20. The total capacity of China's container fleet (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) reached 1597323 TEU, accounting for 23% of the total capacity of the global container fleet, almost equivalent to 1/4

it is worth mentioning that China Shipping Group container transportation company has achieved remarkable achievements in just a few years. "American shipper" rated it as "the most profitable container ocean carrier" for two consecutive years. Its profit increased by more than 15% year-on-year in 2004. Its total revenue in 2004 reached $2.71 billion, and its net profit reached $622 million. In the past year, the fleet capacity of China Shipping Group has almost doubled, with a growth rate of 99%, which is also the world's first and attracts the attention of the world

in contrast, among Japan's ocean carriers, only Kawasaki steamship capacity has not declined, with a growth rate of 12%, and finally maintained its 15th position, while the other two Japanese companies have retreated

information source: China water transport news

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