The hottest global demand for OPP films continues

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The global demand for OPP film continues to grow

oriented polypropylene (OPP) film can be used as labels and packaging materials for various consumer goods, such as fast food, candy, soft drinks and baked goods, which can meet various requirements. It has excellent printing performance, machining performance and moisture and light resistance. It can also be laminated to other materials, such as paper, aluminum foil, PE or other polymer films

pc tightens belt I film company statistics show that in 2002, the world demand for oriented polypropylene film was 3.17 million tons, and the production capacity increased to 3.8 million tons, of which 823000 tons were wasted in Western Europe, accounting for about 26% of the total waste of oriented polypropylene in the world The consumption of Eastern Europe is 85000 tons, accounting for 2.7% of the consumption

in 2003, the market of oriented polypropylene film in Western Europe fell, which is unlikely to rise in terms of quantity. Meeting the requirements of impact testing of safety interlayer for construction, the economic growth was slow, the waste of flexible packaging materials decreased, the demand for oriented polypropylene film by confectioners decreased, and the overall downward trend hit the producers of oriented polypropylene film

pci film company predicts that before 2007, the world demand for oriented polypropylene film will increase at an average annual rate of about 7.7%, most of which will come from the flexible packaging materials sector The demand in Southeast Asia will grow at an average annual rate of 10.0% China's production capacity of oriented polypropylene film will increase significantly, accounting for 29% of the world's total production capacity by 2007, which will have an increasingly significant impact on the world market. China will increase its exports to Southeast Asian guests and North America. The balance of supply and demand is likely to be broken, and the price will decline The demand for oriented polypropylene film in Western Europe will increase at an average annual rate of about 5%, reaching 1.1 million tons by 2007; Eastern Europe has good growth prospects, with demand reaching 124000 tons and production capacity reaching 157000 tons/year in 2007 The directional polypropylene film industry will strengthen rationalization and reorganization, and European companies are likely to acquire or participate in Asian companies

it is unlikely that the oriented polypropylene film will be replaced by other products, but it may replace paper and sprayed metal. After statistical estimation, the film and aluminum foil will increase consumption

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